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Tenant to Property Manager at the end of a lease:

Tenant to Property Manager at the end of a lease: "what do you mean this property isn't reasonably clean" National Propertyscouts

Ask any property manager who’s been in the role for more than 5 minutes and they’ll tell you about tenants claiming their rental properties to be so much cleaner than when they moved in

The issue of what constitutes ‘reasonably clean’ at the end of a tenancy often leads to disagreements, resulting in the matter being referred to the Tenancy Tribunal. And when that happens, there is no guarantee that as a landlord or property manager you are going to get the desired outcome. In the likes of Australia, the rules are a lot clearer – the tenant MUST pay for professional cleaning at the ends of a tenancy and the likes of picture hook holes must be properly repaired. Seems to us this is one area in which we’ll openly admit the Australians are better than us. It’s time our Government considered the issue of ‘reasonably clean’ and gave it clarity for all parties. A simple way to do this would be to adopt the Australian system but we won’t be holding our breath to have this happen anytime soon.

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