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Whether you're an investment property owner or a tenant, it's our job to make renting properties easy - giving you more time to focus on what's important to you.

Owning a rental property is more challenging than it may first seem. It’s not just finding good tenants, but there’s also the issue of dealing with maintenance, carrying out inspections, not to mention chasing unpaid rent – all while trying to do your day job. Propertyscouts New Plymouth will take care of all this while keeping you involved as you want to be.

Why choose us?

  • We maintain regular communication with property owners
  • Our time is spent solely on rental property management
  • The number of properties managed by a Propertyscouts team member is significantly lower than some of the other rental property management companies in the area
  • Our proven processes find good tenants who will look after your rental property and pay good market rent on time.


Guaranteed Rent

We are so confident in our excellent service and value that we are able to guarantee property owners their rent. That means that if there are rental arrears during a tenancy that we have set-up, we will pay the rent for a specified period (up to 4 weeks) and re-let the property at no cost to the owner. You have to be confident in your ability to make that guarantee - we are, and that’s why we can!


Propertyscouts Guaranteed Rents

We are looking to purchase a rental property in NP and Stuart has been really helpful in assisting us gather the right information to inform our decision. We aren't current clients of Propertyscouts so there was no obligation for him to do this. He was incredibly helpful and professional and we'll definitely look at Propertyscouts to manage the property should we buy it.

- Eloise Jillings